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Is there a way to do previews for audio files in the base, Magento Community Edition? I see the place to put the "sample" files under "Downloadable information" section on my product. I attached an .MP3 as the sample, in this case, and it won't play. If alternatively, I try to download the file locally and then play it, instead of the 400K+ file, I just get a 4K file of garbled nothing, and it doesn't seem to work.

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The behavior you've described sounds as though it may be an issue with Magento (in which case you may want to inquire at the Magento user forum or file a bug report).

Whether or not Magento supports native MP3 sample streaming, your site's users can play the sample MP3 files in the audio player of their choice (without an embedded Flash player or reliance on HTML5) if you create M3U files which point to the respective URLs of the uploaded samples.

For example, if you have a sample file named "test.mp3", you would want to upload that file to a location like http://example.com/samples/test.mp3 and create an M3U file which references that URL:


Users who download the M3U file will be prompted (if they have a compatible audio player installed) to open the M3U file and stream the http://example.com/samples/test.mp3 sample in their audio player.

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This is a really cool solution. I think I'm going to wind up modifying the Magento product page so I can get an embedded player (after thinking it over, that's more akin to the functionality I'm looking for), but you've definitely answered my question. Thanks! – jefflunt May 19 '11 at 13:23

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