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My site has been down for the last 8 hours due to hardware problems.

Any ideas on how this will affect my Google rankings/serps ??

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Google does take into account uptime and downtime, it also monitors response time. Your listings would not be deleted for a short downtime like this however if you rely on popular keywords your sites rank might fall depending on how competitive the category you are in is.

Here is an article that explains the position that google is thought to take: http://jamesmartell.com/matt-cutts/can-a-sites-downtime-affect-its-ranking/

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I think a short downtime will not be a disaster for you, unless you're dealing with some of the more timely queries like news, celebrity gossip, the precise location of bin Laden's toothbrush &c… or some of the more popular queries / competitive search niches. Or unless your site is so big and important and it's getting crawled often enough that an eight hour downtime means the spider has returned two or three times to continue finding nothing there.

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