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I am a newbie to website work. I am on the board of a new non-profit, and have been given the task of getting the website up and running. We elected a package from Fatcow.com that gives hosting and most services, cheap, but the only downside is the drag-and-drop style builder. Of course without this builder, I would not have the page up already. The downside to the builder is that it is hard, if not impossible, to edit the tags I need to in the actual code. I have a copy of the Google Webmaster starter guide, and want to set meta-tags for each page on the site, however, I cannot find a function on fatcow to allow me access to read the code behind the pages.

Can anyone tell me how else to access the code for manual editing?

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How about this page, Step 8.

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try this:

control panel>file manager>root>index.html

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