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More and more browsers support SVG. Is the text in SVG selectable / copy'able?

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That's right, you can select and copy text right out of an SVG! The SVG does not store the text and letters as shapes, but by their "meaning". Given a good SVG viewer or SVG-capable browser, you can select and copy text as you would in a normal document. Note that this will not work with all SVGs: Since the exact font (the "looks") of a text is often important, and not everyonehas every font installed, some SVG artists convert the letters into shapes. This keeps their appearance, but loses the "meaning", so a viewer no longer knows what letters the shapes represent.

From the W3C

In many viewing scenarios, the user will be able to search for and select text strings and copy selected text strings to the system clipboard

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Just to clarify: the spec says it should be supported, but at the moment only opera and webkit support selectable svg text. Firefox has had this long-standing bug since 2005 – dequis Jun 11 '13 at 1:15
The bug I mentioned is now fixed in firefox nightly builds since yesterday. – dequis Jun 30 '13 at 16:55

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