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For my website and coming all sites from now on, i want to have a wiki system, which can -

1) Support internalization easily, that is the wiki has a system to serve contents based on the language user selects. For example keeping 'en' as default, the wiki has to be able to serve other language articles, if a different language version exists. If i have a F.A.Q. page in english and spanish, changing language would server appropriate content.

2) It should be light weight and easy to install.

3) Only i can edit contents, others has no edit option, the wiki system has to have a easy way to switch off editing by guests. All edits are admin only.

I m considering MediaWiki, but i wish to know if there is a better wiki system agreed by experienced and veterans :)


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Wikis are tools for groups and individuals to collaborate in content. If you simply want version control for your pages, Wordpress with a multi-language plugin is certainly a better choice. Nowadays Wordpress is a fully featured CMS, not just a blog engine.


  • It's far easier to configure than Mediawiki
  • It has comments by default
  • It has more plugins than Mediawiki, and more free templates as well
  • You can add flash and javascript to individual pages

In my opinion the only thing in which Mediawiki can be better is as a collaboration tool.

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