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Is there a desktop application or IDE for Windows or GNU/Linux similar to jsFiddle where I can insert my JavaScript code, HTML and CSS and see how it executes?

I don't mind writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the places they are supposed to be, but what I don't want is the process of

Save changes
Open browser
Open Browser


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What desktop platform do you use? It would be helpful if this information was in the question. – Kevin Reid May 7 '11 at 22:34
Windows or GNU/Linux. – Oscar Mederos May 7 '11 at 23:20

I've not seen a 'jsFiddle for the desktop', but there are several ways to force your browser to refresh when you save a file or at a set interval.

One advantage of choosing this route is that you can use your existing editor in half of your screen, put a browser window in the other half, and watch the live preview update as you code. Having a wide monitor helps too.

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