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Is there any benefit from rolling-your-own set of social media 'like' buttons rather than using a pre-packaged widget, such as that provided by AddThis? Are there any downsides from using out of the box services?

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Out of the box services

  • may go out of business
  • their servers may go down
  • they may not be responsive when new social media sites appear and their widget doesn't include them
  • they may not be responsive when existing social media sites change their APIs in a way which breaks the widget
  • you have a lot more control over behaviour and appearance

Of course rolling-your-own may be a lot of work, particularly if you're the one changing your widget because someone changed their API.

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Good points.. +1 – UpTheCreek May 5 '11 at 11:18
These are all valid down sides, but what if non of this happens? Assuming everything is working correctly, is there any disadvantage? – Roy Jun 17 at 6:48
Only the fact that you are limited when it comes to appearance as to how the services choose to display the widgets. – paulmorriss Jun 21 at 13:30

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