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I know how to find out who currently owns a domain ("whois domainname").

I'd very much like to get in touch with the previous (recent) owner of a single particular domain. Is that possible? Thanks.

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Domain Tools offer a whois history service for most of the top level domains at $29.95/month with a 10 domain lookup limit. Their records go back to the year 2000.

I've never found another working whois history service (paid or free), and I've spent a while looking.

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I'd suggest looking at the Wayback Machine. It stores old copies of many websites and if the domain you're interested in was archived there may be a contact page or headers telling you who owned or developed the site during a particular period.

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One off? Or in some sort of app?

Just search for domain whois, I use this website, just put the domain in:

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This service doesn't show the /historical/ information he's looking for, only the current. They have a separate paid service for the historical data, which is linked above. – Mark Stosberg Oct 16 at 16:41

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