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How much time do you expect seo optimizations to enhance your search results?

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At the very least your site needs to be re-indexed by the search engine(s), this vary depending on how frequently the site updates and how popular it already is. – Andre Backlund May 2 '11 at 13:13
There are many confounding variables: Which optimizations were performed? How often does Google crawl your site's content? ... etc – danlefree May 3 '11 at 5:19

There is no definitive time frame. It varies depending on how often your site is crawled as no changes will matter until they are found. Then they can be factored into that page's rankings. But even then you may not see any changes as they may not make a significant difference in that page's rankings or other factors may also offset them, etc.

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At least in Google results sometimes show up rather quickly, but sometimes it takes more time depending on what type of improvement you've done. Some things shows in a couple of days while others can take months.

If you for example make a formerly incomprehensible website possible to parse, you may see great improvements in less than a day. If you on the other hand target your improvements on how the user interacts with the site, it make take a very long time to register.

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In short: a long time.

To elaborate: not a long time.

As described above, there are some changes that can have an effect almost immediately and other changes that won't have an effect for months. Many changes also might start to effect your site positively soon, but you won't notice them right away because there will be a lot of noise among the signals.

Other things that matter are the size of the site, the industry/niche, the level of prior optimization, what your competitors are doing and what else you're doing besides SEO.

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