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I'm looking for something like this video player (http://www.be-creative.tv/#/brian-Leonard-02-02/) or something very similar. Does anyone have any ideas? Doesn't necessarily have to be free. HTML 5 would be preferred as well. Thanks!

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Why is this tagged with "wordpress?" – Su' Apr 29 '11 at 3:19

If you want that player, you can get it at ActiveDen.

If you need something you can depend on, JWPlayer is near-ubiquitous, heavily tested, and skinnable to look pretty much however you want if you put a little work into it. See my comment above about why this question is tagged with "wordpress," but if you do need integration, there's a plugin.

If you want free(and HTML5), consider VideoJS.

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That's a flash video player. There are hundreds of them here: http://activeden.net/category/flash/video-players

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