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Is there an application or site that can generate a back link report for a give web page?

The sort of information I'd like to see in this report, for each back link, would be:

  1. Page's Title
  2. Page's PageRank
  3. Page's URL
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SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer will provide a backlink report which includes linking pages' titles and URL's for the top 1000 linking pages.

Google's own Webmaster Tools includes a Links To Your Site tool which includes backlink URL's for a nearly-comprehensive list of the linking pages which factor in to your site's ranking (note that nofollow links will not appear in this report) - you have the option to download the report's results as a CSV file if you want to spider linking pages to retrieve title information.

Google PageRank is not factored in with any of the services I am familiar with, though you have the option to research that on your own (keep in mind that you will never be presented with the effective PageRank ... unless/until you're working for Google).

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