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i am having a domain registered with godaddy when i am looking through my domain details i found this in the who is lookup , what is this means and if i would like to transfer my domain to another registrar will it be hassle free ?

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CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED is an Extensible Provisioning Protocol code (typically used with a subset of gTLD's) which is functionally equivalent to the REGISTRAR-LOCK status described at the Registrar-Lock Wikipedia entry:

REGISTRAR-LOCK is a status code that can be set on an Internet domain name by the sponsoring registrar of the domain name.1 This is usually done in order to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name.

When set, the following actions are prohibited by the domain name registry:

* Modification of the domain name, including:
      o Transferring of the domain name
      o Deletion of the domain name

Renewal of the domain name is, however, still possible when REGISTRAR-LOCK is set.

GoDaddy provides facilities for locking and unlocking your domain if you plan to transfer it to a different registrar or make changes to the registrant information; it is generally recommended that you keep your domain locked when you are not making changes or transferring, as unlocked domains are vulnerable to unauthorized transfers.

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A note on that last paragraph: If you're planning to transfer the domain do not edit the registrant information beforehand unless absolutely necessary. It'll prohibit transfers for two months. (The panel will not warn you about this.) It obviously can't be avoided if the information is unusable, but resist the temptation to "just" correct a minor typo or switch to a preferred e-mail address if the current one still works okay. Do it after the transfer. – Su' Apr 21 '11 at 8:59
so if i assume correct if want to transfer my domain from godaddy, just make the transfer request to my new registrar and rest will be taken care if i dont touch anything on godaddy? – sansknwoledge Apr 30 '11 at 6:52
@sansknwoledge - No, you have to unlock the domain at your registrar to transfer it. The domain name transfer process documented at Wikipedia describes what you will need to do. – danlefree Apr 30 '11 at 8:00
thanks for your reference and time – sansknwoledge May 7 '11 at 6:01

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