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Just wondering if there is any documentation out there that having share links to your content actually encourages and increases sharing of the content?

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I don't know of anything for websites, but I found this about email. Admittedly it's from a vendor selling share-to-social service, but it does have some stats:


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If your question is, "does having sharing buttons on your site result in more shares compared with having no sharing buttons", then I think the answer's likely to be a resounding "yes!", purely from experience of adding social buttons to my own sites and to customers' sites; it has always increased shares, even on low-traffic sites.

If you're still in any doubt, though, you could test it for yourself. The AddThis service has a detailed analytics feature that gives you an overview of the numbers of shares and incoming traffic you're getting from each social network.

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We don't think much happens here as we had added addthis share / connect on our website, only for initial few days there were few clicks thereon nothing is happening.

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