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How can I get lightbox 2 into Joomla?
And I mean the real one:
I already have the images, so I just want to add rel="lightbox" to my image link and the lightbox pops up.

Is there an extensions available or do I have to include the script files manually?


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I don't know of an extension that uses Lightbox 2 specifically, but JoomlaWorks has something similar that works very well with Joomla.


You can also check the Joomla Extension Directory to see if any use the script you specify:


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Thanks but I alreay have some images and an automatic image slider shown on my site. I just want to add rel="lightbox" the the images links now so the lightbox pops up – Ruben Apr 13 '11 at 14:07
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I used slimbox and included the script files manually in the header on index.php, load jquery, and use noconflict for the custom script in the header

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