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How would I setup Joomla to require or bypass authentication based on visitors IP address?

I would like to setup a Joomla website that requires visitors to login, unless they are visiting from a specific IP address or subnet.

Also, I would like the login to be LDAP based.

I would be hosting the Joomla site on my local network and exposing it via my router with port-forwarding.

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An authentication plugin is what you need. It is not so difficult as it may seem. In the "/plugins/authentication/" folder of your Joomla site you already can see authentication methods available;

  • traditional Joomla (users in a database)
  • gmail
  • openid
  • ldap

You can surely find on extensions site other auth plugins; or, if you have some PHP skill, you can build your own since all an authentication plugin has to return is success or failure.

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