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I have h2 and h5 headings with generic names here: http://nybodyart.com (NSFW) such as 'editor picks' 'tags' 'all articles' would it be better for SEO to give them unique and almost playful names with keywords?

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thanks all. i think i have it sorted. thanks for the kind words Brian. i'll definitely follow your advice. Ciaran, i've changed it since. – user6482 Apr 4 '11 at 8:04
@Danny, if an answer is correct and solved your problem you should accept it as the correct answer. – John Conde Apr 4 '11 at 11:55

Wow! Nice Site! I like the color scheme, layout, and all the eye candy :). Very tastefully done. I'd recommend:

I'd recommend adding more descriptive keywords into your h1 and h2 lines such as:

  • Tattoo Shops in New York City
  • Following New Ink Trends
  • Video: Photo Shoot with tatted up Sharon TK, Johannie & Jess Versus
  • Video: Photoshoot and Interview with NYC tattoo artist Athena Fatale
  • Video: Our Interview and Photo Shoot with Sara Blake
  • All Articles
  • NY Ink on TLC
  • Tattoo Artist Jess Versus
  • Dr. Lakra: Sex and Violence in SoHo
  • Tattoo Artist Stefano Alcantara
  • The Photographic Ink Art of l’un des nombreux
  • Network
  • Popular Tags
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The outline of your current home page is as follows (Web Developer Toolbar > Information > View document outline):

Tattoos in New York

 Editor Picks

   Video: Photo Shoot with Sharon TK, Johannie & Jess Versus

   Video: Photoshoot and Interview with Athena Fatale

   Video: Our Interview and Photo Shoot with Sara Blake

 All Articles

   NY Ink on TLC

   Tattoo Artist Jess Versus

   Dr. Lakra: Sex and Violence in SoHo

   Tattoo Artist Stefano Alcantara

   The Photographic Art of l’un des nombreux

     Popular Tags

It's reasonably well constructed and I wouldn't fiddle with it too much.

But, some thoughts:

  • It won't hurt to add keywords to the H2s - something like 'All NY Tattoo Articles' would be fine
  • However, don't obscure the meaning of the sections with overly playful names
  • Your site name 'NY Body Art | New York Tattoo Culture' is not wrapped in a H1
  • The H1 'Tattoos in New York' - could be considered cloaking
  • Your category links, e.g. 'Artists', in the article listings all link to the home page instead of the correct category
  • And the category link titles are all 'Category Name'
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