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As of late, I've been in quite a bind. I have this website which is a simple Q/A. Just for fun -- being built with all that good stuff (PHP/MySQL/jQuery/etc)

Anyways, I found out I cannot do MANY THINGS without getting a positive ID. Without registration (them becoming anonymous), I can't keep track of who's who. Sure I can use IPs or cookies but those are not fool-proof. I can't do things like "favorite questions", "upvote questions", "email notices", spamming cut-down, etc ... among other things.

If you DO register, you WOULD be able to do experience those feature thus making the website more fun to visit. However, at the expensive of not registering and giving up those features, I am at a bind.

Should I give up those features and have no-registration anonymous posting Q/A or make them sign up with three forms... email, password, password check, SUBMIT! Then login-logoff...

What do you think? (Sorry if I put this in the wrong place...)

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What did you end up doing? (integrated login or leave it as is?) – whamsicore May 20 '11 at 7:20
@whamsicore: I made registration optional. Check it out @ centeka.com – naknode May 20 '11 at 20:15
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Why not offer an OpenID login to allow your visitors to authenticate using their Google or Yahoo! (or StackExchange) accounts? Or perhaps integrate Facebook login, if your site is more socially based.

If it's just a personal site, I'd allow anonymous posting, otherwise people are unlikely to bother with the hassle of setting up an account. Use Recaptcha (or similar) to cut out the spam.

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