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I am learning how to use Cron jobs. The server I am working on is Media Temple Dedicated Virtual Server. The "Control Panel" is Parallels. I cant find where I can setup cron jobs.

Is SSH the only way? Since I am unfamiliar, anyone care to give me some pointers to learn it abit?

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I would suggest contacting their customer support or looking into the Knowledge Base. Both are excellent at Media Temple.

For example:



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I saw that article but I dont see cron/scheduled task on my control panel which looks like imgur.com/Sfs2w.jpg or imgur.com/lg2te.jpg – Jiew Meng Apr 1 '11 at 13:55

On this screenshot from the Media Temple website you can see "scheduled tasks" http://s3.mt-cdn.net/_images/screenshots/plesk_serveradmin__84a459d.jpg. That's probably the place to start. (I guess they call it that because cron is too technical.)

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my control panel looks different like this & this. with no scheduled tasks or cron ... perhaps it a different version – Jiew Meng Apr 1 '11 at 13:54

Review this (mt) Wiki article: http://wiki.mediatemple.net/w/%28dv%29:Cron

If you're on a (dv) 4.0, in Plesk you'll navigate to Tools & Utilities, then Scheduled Tasks. If you need more assistance, I recommend reaching out to the (mt) forums.

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