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I have to promote this site, http://www.bulldozer-mobile.com.

My site is for phone 7 application and I've just develop an application "fart and burp" for phone 7. So according to my guide I have use keyword tools (Google) to see what keywords to make ads for. I've try to search my words:

phone 7 apps phone 7 app fart phone 7 fart app for phone 7

All of this is for United States and UK but all words that I search return me 0 click and 0,05$ for 1 position or at the best 13-18 click for all world.

Is there a way to achieve 50 clicks a day? my budget is $70 just for start

can anyone help me? thanks

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From what it sounds like, no you will not be able to get 50 clicks a day through the phrases you listed from Google's keyword tool. The Google Keyword Tool shows you searches per day for a given keyword phrase or set of keyword phrases.

This is what you need to look at to understand if you will get 50 clicks a day and the cost:

Clicks Per Day = Sum of all[avg # of keyword searches daily * CTR(Click Through Rate)] Cost Per Day = Sum of all[avg # of keyword searches daily * CTR(Click Through Rate) * CPC (Cost Per Click)]

The toughest thing to guess about is your Click Through Rate. In general I have seen Click Through rates between 0%-5%. Usually exact keyword matches are around 3%-4% and things drop off from their.

So for your example, lets assume a 4% click through rate:

[0 Searches * .04] + [15 Searches * .04] = .6 Clicks per day [0 Searches * .04 * $.05] + [15 Searches * .04 * $.05] = $.03 cost daily

I would suggest based off of that that you look for a much broader set of keyword phrases that match what your product does so you can get more Google ad placements and thus get some click throughs.

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really thanks you know something that i can read to understand better how adword works ?:) – user6362 Mar 27 '11 at 18:15
Here is the official AdWords Beginners Guide: adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/… – Ciaran Mar 28 '11 at 6:23

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