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In terms of SEO, how beneficial might it be to go with for the extra "trivia" keyword? This is for a trivia website I am constructing that gives users ranks when they answer questions.

The reason I originally went with was for the coolness of calling a user's rank "trivrank". It is also a tad shorter and half as many syllables. I realize may also be more memorable.

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  1. For SEO - no
  2. For Branding - yes

Unfortunately keywords in the domain-name still have a slightly over-emphasized ranking weight (hopefully changing soon).

Until your brand has visibility or has reached the tipping-point with your users, I'd err on the safe side and ensure that the full-keyword domain is 301 redirected to your shorter version.

There's a couple of good case-studies to reflect on: (stuck with the shorter brand) and (went from to the word).

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Thanks! I'd give you a +1, need more rep though. – jakesandlund Mar 26 '11 at 17:18

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