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would like know your opinion about using

Pragma header when script is called in HTTP version 1.1

I don't know is good to return both Pragma and Cache-Control

or rather return only Cache-Control

and at HTTP 1.0 return only Pragma ???

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What do you want to achieve? Details around your use-case will be helpful in understanding your problem. – Sripathi Krishnan Mar 14 '11 at 10:29

The correct way to deal with caching in HTTP1.1 is with the Cache-Control header. I cannot remember the last time I included Pragma in a HTML header.

Cache Control for HTTP 1.1

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Using both is fine. That way if you encounter a client that is using http 1.0 they'll be sure to honor your cache control request. Http 1.1 clients will simply ignore the redundant header so it won't cause any problems. I use both on lots of sites with no ill effects.

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