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Are there any JavaScript includes to provide an AJAX based keyword suggestion tool based on some existing text?

For instance Yahoo offer a Keyword Extraction Tool but due to cross-domain JavaScript policies in browsers it is not possible to provide a pure JavaScript version of this.

If a site offered a library for inclusion that would then perform the query this breaks the cross-domain restriction.

Is there such a service?

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I'm a little unclear on the final usage as to why you're specifying AJAX, but check out Zemanta, which provides an API to send text to that you can query for interesting contextual information. Here are the Zemanta docs.

Is that the kind of things you're looking for?

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That looks like the closest thing that could work. Thank you. – Metalshark Jul 17 '10 at 11:19

Well, for what it's worth you could create a server-side script that serves as a middle-man. Your AJAX request would send the relevant text to your script, then your script would perform an identical request to Yahoo and then pass the results back.

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Unfortunately I am looking for a pure JavaScript version of this - it is easy enough to setup a Google App Engine to handle it but it seems like a more logical solution would be to have a "pure javascript" version. – Metalshark Jul 17 '10 at 11:08

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