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I had been trying to use SSL for the following site http://bit.ly/e8Lj32 , although the SSL certificate is signed properly by networksolutions , each time the pages are loaded it still displays an SSl warning in browser warning "Some parts of the site are not using SSL" , in I.E, its even worst if you hit "no I dont want view unsecured part of the page" site does not display properly (as it blocks some of the widgets)

screenshots upped at


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You have to make sure all of the files on that page are called over HTTPS. This includes:

  • Images
  • Stylesheets
  • JavaScripts
  • Objects (i.e. Flash)
  • Frames/Iframes
  • Files from other websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

I see some CSS that is not loaded over SSL that probably is causing your issue.

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