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Is there a special port for godaddy servers? Do I have to call them to enable ftp support? I can login w the username and password on the control panel on godaddy.com but not on ftp. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I tried using Filezilla and CuteFTP Pro using port 21 but w/ no luck.

Go Daddy's Instructions are:

  1. FTP Address or Hostname: Your Domain Name
  2. FTP Username & Password: You selected both of these during account creation
  3. Start Directory: You should leave this blank or include a single forward slash (i.e. /)
  4. FTP Port: You should enter Standard, or 21. •FTP Client. ( ◦Filezilla, ◦WS-FTP, ◦CuteFTP Pro, ◦AceFTP )


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Are you following godaddy's FTP instructions?


Try setting data connection type to PASV (passive mode)

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Thanks for your reply. Yep, I have the ftp set on port 21... –  Brian McCarthy Mar 9 '11 at 15:27
@Brian, updated my answer with my next guess. :) –  John Conde Mar 9 '11 at 15:30

What do the FTP client logs/terminal show in terms of errors?

In Filezilla -> View -> Message Log you will see the command/response sequence when your client attempts to login. You should be able to work out where it is going wrong from the codes.

EDIT: Wikipedia has a list of the common FTP codes

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1) May sound stupid but did you put in ftp.yourdomain.com in for host? Try that if you didn't already.

2) Did you setup an actual FTP Account? Check here:

Hosting Dashboard > Settings > FTP Users

Create another user other than the "Primary FTP User", as that is typically your regular login info to the site. Once created, wait a few minutes till it says it's completed the setup, then go to your FTP Client and type in host: ftp.yourwebsite.com and the username with password, on port 21. You should be set.

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