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I am about to purchase a domain name for a bit of money. I do not personally know the person who I am purchasing the domain name from, we have only chatted via email.

The proposed process for the transfer is:

  1. The owner of the domain lowest the domain name security and emails me the domain password, I request the transfer
  2. After the request, I transfer the money via PayPal
  3. When the money has been cleared the current domain name owner confirms the transfer via the link that he receives in that email
  4. I wait for it to be transferred.

The domain is currently registered with DirectNIC - http://www.directnic.com/

Is this the best practice? Seeing I am paying a bit of money for this domain name, I am worried that after the money has been cleared that I won't see the domain name or hear from the current domain name owner again.

Is there a 'domain governing body' which I can report to if this is the case? Is the proposed transfer process the best solution?

Any advice would be awesome.

Thanks! Jack

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Have you confirmed that they legitimately own the domain and if the purchase went ahead you would be the legitimate owner? If so then I would check with the domain registrar what they could do for you. – CurtainDog Jun 7 '10 at 6:18
The domain is currently with DirectNIC. I have emailed them (and am waiting to hear back from them). When I first contacted them about the domain name owner, they were the ones who gave me the contact details for the owner. – Jack Jun 7 '10 at 6:23


Or a similar (not necessary online) service would make sense (I am not familiar with the above service - just posted it as an example, also - IANAL).

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