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Possible Duplicate:
Are there any specific tips and tricks for optimizing a website for Bing?

i have three games sites,which are all have the much better alexa around 12.000 i wanna know that if i wanna to get more traffice from bing,how to do the seo tips?is it the same with the seo in google?!thank you so much

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Make an interesting site and search engines (and people) will come. – Joachim Sauer Mar 7 '11 at 7:20
@Joachim Sauer : submitting sites to serch engines is great way top get traffic..because my blogs never come in Bing serches..so i submitted my sites – Sangram Mar 7 '11 at 7:35

You can submit your sites to the Bing search engine at http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

This helps Bing in crawling all of your pages and your site's traffic will increase!

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Sign up for google webmaster tools:


And submit your site map.

This will definitely increase your hits.

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Did you even read the question? – John Conde Mar 7 '11 at 12:46