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Is there a way in google analytics to add multiple sites to and show all the stats together? So like the graphs and total visits/unique hits all combined for all the sites added to the google analytics account?

For example if I have:

site1.com site2.com site3.com

Under one google analytics account, is there a way in google analytics tool to merge them together so I can see a sum of all traffic in one report?

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I have developed a service ( EmbeddedAnalytics ) which utilizes the Google Analytics API and allows you to create charts and then embed them into websites. Recently we just added support for "multi-domain" charts (if you do check it out, just make a chart using the "Wizard" and then you have the option of adding additional domains/profiles).

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This article on the analytics help system should help you. (Updated Feb 2013 with latest link).

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